Six Month Smiles in Renton

Achieve a straight, beautiful smile in as little as six months!

Love Your Smile With Short-Term Orthodontics

It’s no secret: Braces (orthodontics) is by far the best and widely-accepted solution to achieve a straight, healthy smile. However, the setbacks associated with traditional orthodontics prevents adults from taking action to receive the treatment they need.

Are metal braces holding you back from getting orthodontic treatment?

This is where Six Months Smiles enters the picture. At our Renton dental practice, Dr. Taylor is a provider for Six Months Smiles – the cosmetic dentistry solution that fits into any adults’ lifestyle. Six Months Smiles has modernized the concepts of traditional orthodontics, creating amazing results in as little as 6 months! Why is it so innovative?

  • The use of clear Lucid-Lok® brackets and tooth-colored wires, making treatment discreet and barely visible
  • The low forces used to align the teeth make treatment comfortable
  • Usually less expensive than traditional orthodontics
  • It can correct most orthodontic problems, including crowded teeth, gaps, overbites, underbites, and crossbites

  • Receive beautiful results – you can finally let your smile shine
  • Treatment can be done in six months!

Six Month Smiles Beats Traditional Braces Every Time

Faster. Effective. Affordable. What's not to love?
Clear Brackets & Wires

The world doesn’t need to know you’re receiving treatment. Our brackets and wires are clear and tooth-colored, making it barely visible.

Smile in 6 Months

If you don’t want to deal with 2-3 years of metal braces, you’re in luck! Six Month Smiles has an average treatment time of…six months!

Save Money

Depending on your case, Six Month Smiles is generally less expensive than clear aligners and traditional orthodontics.

How Does Six Month Smiles Work?

If you're hiding your smile and holding back from showing your true self, please watch our video and see how this revolutionary treatment can change your life.

Having trouble viewing the video? Watch it here.

What can you expect on your Six Month Smiles journey?

  • Are You A Candidate?

    Six Month Smiles is a conservative Short-Term Ortho (STO) System. For adults patients who don’t want comprehensive orthodontic treatment, it is a unique cosmetic option. During your consultation with your Six Month Smiles dentist, Dr. Taylor will evaluate your bite and teeth, and determine if you’ll benefit from this dental service.

  • Starting Treatment

    Think about it: You’re only six months away from receiving a straight, beautiful smile! The start of treatment includes taking photos and taking a set of impressions. The braces are then put on in about an hour, and you’ll be on your way towards achieving the smile of your dreams!

  • Adjustments

    During treatment, the clear brackets and wires will gently shift your teeth into the proper position.

    You’ll return to Denti Belli Dentistry for checkups to ensure your progress is on the right track. These will be quick checkups and Dr. Taylor will make any adjustments necessary to ensure amazing results.

  • Six Months Later...

    Your braces will come off and you get to enjoy the beautiful smile you deserve. You’ll leave our office with a huge smile – filled with laughter.

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Why Choose Dr. Taylor For Six Month Smiles in Renton, WA?

Dr. Michele Taylor is a Six Month Smiles provider in Renton WA

Helping you smile is what we do!

Dr. Taylor is a Six Month Smiles provider and has the knowledge and training to provide a smile you can be proud of. Her patient-focus philosophy makes her a preferred Renton cosmetic dentist. She’ll attentively listen to your needs and desires to create a smile you’ll truly love.

We offer a wide variety of conveniences to make treatment that much easier for you.

Dr. Michele Taylor is a Six Month Smiles provider in Renton WA
Changing Over 100,000 Lives
Before and after case of using Six Month Smiles
Before and after case of using Six Month Smiles
Before and after case of using Six Month Smiles
Before and after case of using Six Month Smiles
Have Questions About This Orthodontic Service?
Get answers to commonly asked questions.
  • How can you straighten teeth in six months?

    This orthodontic service uses clear, comfortable, and safe braces to provide faster results compared to traditional braces. These clear braces are designed for adults with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth using techniques and materials proven to work.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost will vary depending on your case. You can visit Six Month Smiles’ website and use their cost calculator to get an idea of how much treatment will cost. At Denti Belli Dentistry, we do offer payment plans to help accommodate your budget if needed. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more!

  • Will I need to wear a retainer?

    This cosmetic treatment is an orthodontic treatment. Just like all orthodontics, a retainer is needed to maintain the new, straight position of your teeth.

  • Will my dental insurance cover the cost?

    Dental insurance does offer orthodontic benefits, and it may cover part of your Six Month Smiles treatment. Talk to us for more details.

Is Six Month Smiles The Answer?

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Taylor today and find out if you're a candidate!
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